Beyond Pricing Reviews: Best Airbnb Calculator?

In this blog, we will talk about Beyond Pricing reviews, what the tool is, the features that it offers, its payment model, and how it compares to Mashvisor when it comes to short-term rental property analytics.

As both the supply and demand for short-term rentals are increasing around the globe, more online tools and platforms are emerging each year to provide services that can help both hosts and guests. One of these new tools is Beyond Pricing.

What Is Beyond Pricing?

Beyond Pricing is an online platform that aims to help its users – primarily homeowners and short-term rental investors – to increase their revenue from vacation rental properties. It offers data-driven automatic pricing that is generated by applying algorithms and analytics.

The platform allows users to connect their Airbnb or other accounts to Beyond Pricing, which will look at your property’s historical data and compare it with similar properties in your local market. It does so in order to give you price recommendations for your rental property.

Beyond Pricing Features

The main feature that gets mentioned in Beyond Pricing reviews is that it helps vacation rental owners get the best value from their properties using data and analytics.

Beyond Pricing rates each property according to the number of times it’s been booked and identifies unique features about the property based on the type of guests that stayed in it. The platform then compares it with other similar properties in size and type, as well as hotel rooms and other types of lodgings. You will get a year-round calendar of the optimal rental rate you should charge each day to make the most profit from your vacation rental.

The Beyond Pricing Airbnb analytics platform also offers other features, such as secure transactions and health scoring for properties.

Being able to make secure transactions is especially important due to how Beyond Pricing cost works. The platform charges a certain fee that is a percentage of your property’s revenue. Secure transactions ensure that you don’t worry about getting charged more than what you owe.

The price rate that is set for each property depends on its health score – which means that the higher your property’s health score is, the more you can charge for it.

Lastly, most reviews of the Beyond Pricing platform ensure that it is a secure platform to conduct transactions. You can feel free to use sensitive data like credit card details and other personal information without worrying over security, as Beyond Pricing protects data using the latest encryption technology.

Beyond Pricing Reviews – Alternatives

In this section of our Beyond Pricing reviews, we will look at the top alternatives or tools that can provide a similar type of information in terms of Airbnb data or Airbnb investment property analysis.

I will first mention two Beyond Pricing competitors that I’ve noticed many Beyond Pricing reviews talk about, and those are Beyond Pricing vs PriceLabs and AirDNA:

PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing

According to Beyond Pricing reviews that compare it to PriceLabs, the two platforms are similar. Both are smart property management systems and revenue tools that can help you optimize your revenue.

When it comes to the pros and cons of Beyond Pricing vs PriceLabs:

  • Beyond Pricing offers more tools that you can use to manage your rental rates and Airbnb data for monitoring the performance of your listing.
  • PriceLabs enjoys an advantage in terms of customization, automation, and listing management.

In both cases, the Airbnb data and Airbnb market analysis provided by both tools are very similar. Investors should always keep in mind that just because they are using either of the two pricing automation tools, they both need regular monitoring and customization.

The overall verdict of Beyond Pricing reviews that compare it to PriceLabs is that – especially for investors managing a large portfolio of Airbnb rentals – the Beyond Pricing cost is more expensive compared to what it offers.

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AirDNA vs Beyond Pricing

Based on several AirDNA vs Beyond Pricing reviews, both platforms offer valuable services to help short-term rental owners grow their revenue.

However, AirDNA’s platform is superior to Beyond Pricing for investors and people who own and manage multiple short-term rentals.

On the other hand, Beyond Pricing enjoys an advantage for owners who are only managing one or two short-term Airbnb rentals. Such owners won’t need the heavy focus on Airbnb market analysis tools and investment-minded features.

Mashvisor vs Beyond Pricing

The following section will briefly talk about the tools and features that Mashvisor offers and how they can serve your needs in real estate investing – including the best Airbnb calculator on the market.

What Is Mashvisor?

Mashvisor is a real estate analytics platform that provides country-wide market reports and data related to – not only short-term and vacation rentals – but all kinds of rental properties and their performance. It takes data from several reliable and up-to-date sources such as MLS, Airbnb, Vrbo, and real estate agents across the country.

When it comes to rental properties, Mashvisor specializes in both traditional or long-term rentals, as well as short-term and Airbnb rentals.

Finally, Mashvisor offers several tools that help real estate investors and buyers each step of the way, from gaining the knowledge necessary for investing in real estate, finding the perfect property for you, to connecting with an agent and closing the deal. It is helpful even when you reach the stage when you take ownership of the property and keep track of its performance and profitability.

Mashvisor Features

Mashvisor’s platform is fully equipped with all the tools and features that any real estate investor needs for their investment journey. Below, we will focus on the features that deal with rental properties, which are the most relevant to this Beyond Pricing review.

Rental Property Performance Metrics
Beyond Pricing Reviews vs Mashvisor Rental Property Performance Metrics

Mashvisor’s Property Valuation Analytics presents the estimated performance of a listing if it were turned into an Airbnb or traditional rental.

Mashvisor provides calculations and analytics that showcase the performance of each rental property on the platform based on their past performance, price, the costs and expenses related to them, and future projections.

It means Mashvisor is able to access enough data to calculate two key metrics that are used for calculating the return on investment for any rental property, whether it is a long-term or a short-term rental:

The two metrics above are used across every other feature of the platform, in addition to a search tool.

Additionally, Mashvisor calculates the above metrics for both short-term and traditional rental strategies separately, offering user insights on which rental strategy is more profitable in the short and long terms.

So, suppose you’re looking for data on Airbnb investing, such as Airbnb cash on cash return, Airbnb cash flow, or any Airbnb investment property or market analysis. In that case, Mashvisor’s tools provide the relevant information by using the above metrics.

Investment Property Search
Beyond Pricing Reviews vs Mashvisor Investment Property Search

With Mashvisor’s Investment Property Search, you can see a quick overview of the city you are looking in.

Mashvisor’s most used feature is the Investment Property Search, a tool that allows you to search for and find properties that you can buy – all the while giving you data such as the metrics above about each property that you see.

The main tool is a map search tool where you can type in the name of any state, city, neighborhood, or even specific property to see your search results on the map.

You can also adjust your search by using filters for the property’s price, age, type, rental strategy, cap rate range (for both short-term or traditional rentals), or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Additionally, properties for sale will appear on the map as clusters when you’re zoomed out or as individual properties when you’re zoomed in.

By simply hovering your mouse over each cluster or property, you will be able to see a quick view of that property’s or that area’s average data, such as property price, short-term and long-term rental rates, and short-term and long-term return on investment.

Finally, the Investment Property Search also comes with a heatmap feature, which gives you all the information you need about a market or a city by using different colors on the map to represent different values based on the chosen filters.

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Traditional and Airbnb Calculator
Beyond Pricing Reviews vs Mashvisor Traditional and Airbnb Calculator

You can use Mashvisor’s calculator to compute your cash flow, cash on cash return, and cap rate based on the rental income, occupancy rate, and expenses you input under each rental strategy.

Whether you’re looking to rent out in the short or long term, chances are you will need to use a rental calculator. And Mashvisor offers you the best Airbnb calculator out there.

Mashvisor’s rental property calculator can be used as both a traditional and an Airbnb calculator, and it offers all the features that you need to customize your calculations freely. It also pre-fills all fields based on each property’s historical data and the market that it’s in, including the Airbnb daily rate.

In other words, by using the best Airbnb calculator, you can adjust the values of the mortgage, its type and duration, as well as all the costs and expenses related to the property, such as taxes, property management, Airbnb occupancy rate, closing fees, and much more.

All information is integrated seamlessly in a single calculator tool that will show you the results instantly as you’re using it. It lets you see how the traditional or Airbnb cap rates and cash on cash returns are calculated and how they are projected to perform several months into the future.

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Mashvisor vs Beyond Pricing – Review

So, to recap, Beyond Pricing and Mashvisor offer similar types of data when it comes to short-term or Airbnb income from renting out a property. However, the former lacks a few features that aim to help current owners set up the right amount of rent in the future.

This isn’t to take from the value that Beyond Pricing offers, especially when considering that, according to Beyond Pricing cost reviews, they charge a small (1%) percentage of the booking earnings at the end of the month.

So, if you already own an Airbnb rental and you’re wondering what you should charge for it in the near or far future and on specific seasonal dates, then Beyond Pricing is a great tool to use.

However, if you’re a savvy real estate investor or if you’re still on the fence about buying a short-term rental property, then Mashvisor is an excellent tool in terms of the features it offers. In terms of searching for and finding profitable properties that you can rent out as vacation rentals, Beyond Pricing can’t help you, but Mashvisor can.

When comparing your property with other rental homes, Beyond Pricing gives you the right price based on its comparative analytics. However, it doesn’t show you the data of other properties in your market, while Mashvisor does.

Regarding adjusting the calculations – such as adding unexpected expenses and sudden costs – and instantly seeing how that would affect the long-term performance of your property, Mashvisor does that and more.

Beyond Pricing can be a good option when it comes to helping you directly in offering booking services and features. On the other hand, Mashvisor provides you with the knowledge to manage your property and set the tools to help you set the right prices based on your specific circumstances.


So, if you’re looking for a definitive answer from our Beyond Pricing reviews, my answer would be that it’s a solid tool that certainly offers value for what it does.

Once you own a vacation rental and you’re looking for a tool to help you set the right rental rates to make the most Airbnb income, then Beyond Pricing can be a helpful tool for you.

However, if you’re still looking for a property that you can rent out and you’re looking to buy one anywhere you want in the US, then what you need at this point is Mashvisor.

So, before you start using Beyond Pricing to maximize your profits, start your journey with Mashvisor to find an affordable short-term rental that you can own and rent out for profit based on accurate and up-to-date market data. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Mashvisor, followed by a 15% discount on your quarterly or annual subscription. Team

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