AirDNA Market Minder: How Accurate Is It?

Whether you’re contemplating on investing in real estate or merely checking out the current situation on the market, you need a helping hand – a virtual one, if possible.

Property rental calculators are designed to help real estate investors measure the success of their future investments and account for their decisions and ongoing costs. 

In today’s world, real estate investing is almost unbearable without the help of software tools that can do the math for you. 

Of course, when you go online, you’ll find dozens of rental property calculators that compete in accuracy and efficiency. Although they are well-advertised, there’s still a difference in what you can get out of them.

So, today, we will review a common choice for investors – AirDNA Market Minder. 

Even if you hadn’t had the chance to use it yet, it must have popped up at least once on your computer screen.

We’ll take a look at some of its main features, see how well it serves the purpose – and if you should consider some alternatives instead.

Stay tuned for the final verdict!

Facts About The Airbnb Market

Being familiar with AirDNA Market Minder isn’t possible without going through some general facts about short-term rentals beforehand.

We can all agree that the Airbnb business has experienced quite a blast in the last couple of years. That is primarily thanks to the availability and diversity of information online.  

Nearly 200 countries around the world have joined in on the “shared economy” trend with the intention of attaining profits. However, these are just words in the wind. It’s time to look at the actual numbers that account for this.

The current estimated value of Airbnb is around $110 billion.

Since it was initially launched, users have booked more than 900 million stays, and over four million hosts have current listings on Airbnb.

More than 100,000 cities have become well-known and profitable attractions for guests. That includes worldwide travel destinations, from the classy European cities to the sunny beaches of California. 

It’s up to the guest to filter the desired location and make a booking.

Since our emphasis is on the US Airbnb market data, it’s important to mention that 19% of all US lodging is attributed to Airbnb listings. That’s not a negligible percentage at all. 

So, you can only imagine the proximity and complexity of Airbnb analytics that are constantly changing and being updated.

Providing this is not your first acquaintance with Mashvisor, you must’ve had a chance to see our statistics and the way in which we present data to our readers. We will commonly include the occupancy rate of cities that are currently in demand. 

And when it comes to the occupancy rate of Airbnb in general, it’s estimated at some 48%.

What About The Users?

It’s all about the users – and their experience with Airbnb.

The fact that as many as 95% of users choose Airbnb because of its simplicity and security speaks for itself. Even more so, 86% of guests who have booked short-term rentals through Airbnb say they feel more comfortable there than in a hotel.

A large number of guests claim that the functionality and practicality that come with choosing their Airbnb is their top priority – as it should be.

It’s no secret that people go to AirDNA Market Minder to compare prices with other potential choices. 

With that in mind, the opportunities they can find here are 6-17% cheaper than hotels. Again, this seems like a good choice for people who are eager to travel but are on a tight budget at the same time. 

Our focus should be on how much the programs and rental calculators we choose can help us find helpful information, though. 

Even though the marketing may be successful, we mustn’t overlook the fact that it might not be as accurate as we’ve hoped. We still have to check the actual numbers.

What Is AirDNA?

To continue this AirDNA review in a meaningful manner, we will briefly explain what Market Minder is. The most straightforward answer would be: 

It’s software for short-term rental data analysis. 

It was founded in 2015, and its primary purpose was to help Airbnb hosts and investors have a better insight into the market situation and make calculated and well-thought-out decisions based on actual data.

Is AirDNA A Necessity?

Before we give you an answer to this question, just think of the time that you would spend if you wanted to stick to the traditional way of browsing through Airbnb listings.

Yes, AirDNA Market Minder – as well as dozens of other AirDNA alternatives out there – can be considered necessities in current times. Investing in a property blindly (or even making a booking upon someone’s unverified recommendation) is not the way to go.

Using an AirDNA Rentalizer gives you the opportunity to gain better insight into the possible profitability of your financial endeavor. But not just that; you can focus on statistics like days on the market and what they are charging per night.

That’s your winning lottery ticket if you are here for the competition!

Whether you are an investor or a guest looking for a budget-friendly booking, with the help of these tools, you can make a calculated decision – and take some of the following parameters into account:

  • Seasonality
  • Amenities
  • Rental growth

With the widespread availability of such tools, it would be pointless to opt for the “traditional” methods of researching investment properties and risking your savings.

They’re available; you just need to have them checked. 

Luckily, that’s where we come in – to help you make the best decision. 

AirDNA Data Accuracy: Is It Really Accurate?

You’ve got all this data at your disposal, but you can’t help but have certain doubts regarding the accuracy and where it comes from – and that’s understandable.

AirDNA Market Minder gathers information from Airbnb and VRBO Public websites using the so-called scraping method. In theory, scraping data implies extracting it from the specific database and planting it in software tools – like your chosen AirDNA tool.

Although the availability and diversity of information might not be a problem, the accuracy is undoubtedly something users might second-guess.

As far as the AirDNA accuracy of Market Minder goes, rest assured that it’s pretty accurate. In fact, this intelligence tool updates its data monthly – between the 5th and 8th.

Is AirDNA Expensive?

Let’s be honest: 

You’re willing to invest a particular amount of money into quality research – but you still don’t want to go beyond your budget.


So, what’s the price tag on AirDNA Market Minder’s features?

  • If you’re looking to research a market with less than 100 active listings, you’ll be charged $19/month.
  • If you’re looking to research a market with 100-1,000 active listings, you’ll be charged $39/month.
  • If you’re looking to research a market with more than 1,000 active listings, you’ll be charged $99/month.

This price includes:

  • Historical market performance trends
  • Property-level insights and revenue
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Unlimited searches for a chosen market

AirDNA Market Minder: Up-Front Information

It’s time for some up-front relevant info regarding this tool. 

Essentially, users are presented with the current situation on the Airbnb market – but that is old news at this point. This tool helps investors make decisions regarding the Airbnb return on investment and whether they should take the next step with their financial plan.

This intelligence tool is equipped with interactive maps that help real estate investors explore the real-life performance of a certain market in the US.

Roughly speaking, it deals with about 80,000 cities worldwide, so you’re presented with quite an ample space for research here. Don’t be intimidated by this number, though. The built-in filters allow you to get the information you want in just minutes.

Most Significant Features

Even if this was your first encounter with this tool, by now, you could grasp the general idea of how it works. Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to focus on the most important thing – its features.

AirDNA Market Minder has several essential features that you should review since you are considering making this your go-to platform for your future investment research.

Active Rentals

Primarily, users are interested in what’s accessible at the moment. The Active Rentals report within Market Minder allows the user to see how many active rentals there are in that area at the moment.

You’ll be able to look at free private rooms, shared rooms, and entire properties – depending on what you’re looking for at the time. 

Rental Channel

Similarly, you have the opportunity to look at the number of properties that are listed on each channel. And remember, these are the statistics pulled straight from Airbnb and HomeAway.

Market Grade

Perhaps the most crucial for choosing an Airbnb income property, Market Minder reports the market grade on the desired location.

What does the market grade stand for?

  • Rental Demand: This grade gives you an insight into how many rentals have been booked throughout the year. It’s calculated based on the annual occupancy and growth rates. The higher the score, the higher the Airbnb demand.
  • Revenue Growth: This parameter shows how much the property has earned during one month. It’s calculated by looking at how many bookings the property received in the given timeframe.
  • Seasonality: This parameter is essential for short-term rentals because it shows the difference between the maximum and minimum monthly RevPAR. If you’re a real estate investor, knowing the peak season for a particular property is essential.
  • Investability: Determining whether you should go forward with your plans involves calculating “invest-ability” – comparing costs to the average short-term rental income.
  • Amenities: AirDNA tools such as this one also give you a complete report on what amenities hosts provide on that property (heating, parking, air conditioning, Internet, etc.)
  • Rental Size: Everyone’s looking for specific Airbnb conditions. With this tool, you get to look at the sizes of rental properties in your area (how many bedrooms and guests it allows on average, among other things).
  • Rental Activity: While some listed properties are available for rent only during a few days (weekends, for example), others are considered full-on investment properties. The user is presented with a map that shows the number of days a particular property has been available for rent.

AirDNA Vs. Mashvisor

We’re not here to push your decision. Instead, we encourage you to keep your options open to all possibilities. And we are sure that everyone has different intentions – and expectations – from the tools they choose.

Mashvisor and AirDNA go hand in hand – but there are still some features of Mashvisor we wish to draw your attention to before you make up your mind.

Similar to AirDNA Market Minder, Mashvisor is a platform that allows real estate investors to explore important properties and manage sensitive data. Research done through Mashvisor gives investors a chance to attain high returns for short and long-term rentals.

Although AirDNA can be used by hosts as well, Mashvisor’s aim is primarily to help Investors find their ideal property. The objective of this tool is to:

  • Optimize and help establish a rental strategy
  • Follow market growth over the year and keep track of relevant data
  • Help locate undervalued properties and turn them into opportunities

Some cutting-edge features include:

  • Long/Short-Term Rental Analysis
  • New Property Finder
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Reports & Insights
  • ROI Calculator

Airbnb Calculator

What gives Mashvisor the edge competition is its Airbnb Calculator. This tool is designed to help investors compare compelling data and make a well-calculated decision. If you decide to try Mashvisor’s Rental Property Calculator, you’ll have a complete insight into the profitability of the property you’re looking to invest in next. And no, you don’t have to worry about anything – Mashvisor will do the math for you.

The Final Decision

We’ve come to the end of this in-depth look at AirDNA. Now, it’s time for a quick recap that’ll hopefully guide you in the right direction.

When it comes to the AirDNA Market Minder – and its accuracy – the data available is verified and all-encompassing. As a user, you have the chance to research the enticing property and further analyze its potential rental growth, market grade, and amenities available.

The price tag on this tool depends on your intended uses, though.

On the other hand, if you’re an investor at the beginning of your career, or you’re looking for a reliable tool, Mashvisor is specifically designed for that purpose. Our main goal is to make it easier for investors to establish a solid rental strategy and expand their portfolios.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask us, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here for you! Team

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