PropStream vs Flipster: Which Is Better?

We will take a closer look at PropStream vs Flipster and compare which real estate investment tool is better.

Nowadays, all the information is at your fingertips. You can find pretty much anything in just a few clicks, and that is, without a doubt, one huge advantage.

As far as real estate goes, investors are always on the lookout for potential investment tools they can use to gain a more accurate insight into the market. But with the rise of the Internet and the vast selection of tools comes the question of reliability:

 Are all these tools worth your attention?

While we can’t cover them all, we can focus on the ones that are considered investors’ go-to choices.

With that said, it’s time to look into the PropStream vs Flipster issue and help our readers become better acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of these two investment tools.

PropStream: An Overview of Features

For starters, PropStream is aimed at brokers, agents, and investors with a desire to explore the real estate market data. And although it’s a popular choice, its popularity shouldn’t serve as a “green light” for you to buy it.

The entire idea of PropStream vs Flipster is to walk you through both options and go from there.

Before you opt for one choice, you’re going to need a lot more than just a persuasion from the virtual world—you need an overview of features.

With that said, let’s look at what PropStream has to offer and see how well it suits your current needs.

Nationwide Reach

Many investors rush to buy into investment tools without first researching their reach.

Namely, many investment tools on the Internet limit your search to just one or a couple of real estate markets within the country, which is not at all desirable if you want to explore your choices nationwide.

With PropStream, there will be no problem in that department, as this software claims to cover more than 153 million properties. And within these properties, all the necessary info is said to be available to you—mortgage history, tax details, etc.

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MLS Data

MLS data stands for multiple listing services, and the sole aim of this data is to connect real estate buyers and sellers.

Why are we taking the time to mention this in our PropStream vs Flipster review?

MLS data can be crucial to those searching for the next investment property to add to their portfolio.

More precisely, investors are presented with:

  • Listing pictures
  • Agent descriptions
  • Property list pricings
  • Keywords
  • Failed listings

Real Estate Comps

PropStream includes the real estate comps feature, which compares multiple properties and evaluates their current success or failure on the market.

With this feature, PropStream claims to equip its users with up-to-date information, ensuring that you don’t misjudge a potential property and pass on a good opportunity.

As you know, the real estate climate fluctuates regularly, and it can quickly happen that one particular market experiences a boost in desirability due to future constructions, beneficial weather conditions, and the like. And when things change, you would want to be the first to know.

Target Marketing

The Target Marketing feature is aimed at real estate investors. If you’re serious about your intentions to invest, this might be one to keep an eye on.

The built-in marketing tool can be beneficial because it claims to allow you to target and explore specific marketing lists and email systems, postcard generators, and the like.

For example, if you’re thinking of investing in a duplex for sale, you can get more out of this kind of information.

You can opt for The PropStream ProFeature, which is said to upgrade your investment research access by creating advanced marketing campaigns, landing pages for properties, and so much more.

So far, this whole ProStream vs Flipster deal seems to be looking good for the former platform.

Rehab Estimator

Although we promote rental investment strategies on this website, we’d never advise against thinking broadly and considering both other options.

The Rehab Estimator may be beneficial for buyers who have to take care of their rehab costs and other expenses.

This tool helps you calculate how much labor and materials you’ll need for your investment property and whether it would be more profitable as a long- or short-term investment.

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Available Mobile App

Being a real estate investor doesn’t tie you to the office. In fact, you’ll be spending a majority of your time on the road, exploring real estate opportunities.

That means that technology is your best friend.

And in the battle between PropStream vs Flipster, PropStream allows you to do your research on the go, given that it’s available as an app, too.

You’ll have access to Google Maps and drive features that will significantly help you get to your desired destination faster.

PropStream Pricing: Is It Worth It?

The price for using PropStream’s base features is $99/month, which is reasonable. You get access to both the website and the mobile version.

With a subscription, you get to research the properties, county records, and listings available on the website and look into marketing opportunities.

For an extra $27, you can buy PropStream’s Automator Tools, an automation tool that upgrades your leads and listings regularly.

PropStream Free Trial

Does PropStream have a free trial you can use?

Yes, you can try PropStream free for seven days before you’ll have to pay for your subscription.

Flipster: An Overview of Features

Okay, let’s continue with the comparison of PropStream vs Flipster. Now that we’ve seen the first option, it’s time to look at what the “opponent” (Flipster) has to offer its users. To ensure a fair comparison, we’ll get into the main features first.

The Flipster software offers its users the following:

  • Contract Library: Users get access to a list of attorney-approved contracts, which helps them feel safer when drawing up agreements and dealing with legal aspects of the job.
  • Custom Websites: If you’re just getting into real estate, developing a custom site can do wonders for your online presence and attract motivated sellers.
  • Deal Management Tools: This feature helps you keep all your essential information, deals, and contacts in one place.
  • Flipster Real Estate Property Workflow: Flipster understands that not everyone who uses their tool is an expert. Their platform includes visual materials, including scripts, templates, and videos designed to guide investors through the process step by step.
  • Motivated Seller Leads: Flipster’s unique selling point—the feature that makes it stand out on the market—is that it connects investors with motivated sellers aiming to sell their properties as quickly as possible.
  • Instant Deal Analyzer: The instant deal analyzer essentially analyzes the numbers on any real estate property that you might want to invest in, giving you an estimate of the offer price and how much you’d make on it.
  • Offer Generator Pro: You’re aware of how time-consuming it can be to put together real estate offers. This feature makes them happen within minutes; you just have to fill in the template.

Flipster Pricing: Should You Go for It?

In terms of PropStream vs Flipster pricing, it’s almost identical:

Flipster will cost you $97 a month. As with PropStream, this includes the essential features, so you’ll have to pay extra if you want to add to the package and get any advanced functionalities.

Flipster Free Trial

Just like PropStream, Flipster offers a limited free trial of about two weeks, which should be more than enough to get a feel of the tool and its features.

Mashvisor: The Safest Choice

We’ve dedicated a fair share of our time to this PropStream vs Flipster comparison. Now, it’s time to turn our attention to our contender—Mashvisor.

Is there a particular reason we’re mentioning our tool after analyzing the two options?

Well, there’s a couple of reasons, actually. For one, we believe that Mashvisor stands out for its unique approach to allowing users to compare neighborhoods, discover properties, and perform extensive market analytics.

Here are a couple of features that we’d like to emphasize here.

Neighborhood Analytics Page

Unlike many other investment tools, Mashvisor has made an effort to introduce a feature that will give investors an even more precise insight into the specific neighborhoods they want to invest in.

In short, that’s exactly what the Neighborhood Analytics Page provides—data regarding Cap Rate, Cash on Cash Return, Occupancy Rate, and so on. You’ll have a chance to see how another real estate property is performing at the moment, too.

Comps and Reports

One of the most critical aspects of Mashvisor—and the benefits of using our investing tool—is being able to compare reports and comps. Mashvisor allows investors to compare multiple properties by using compact Excel sheets.

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The Heatmap, a part of Mashvisor’s platform, is a color-coded map that outlines the general availability of properties in the area and its current performance.

Again, this makes it so much easier to get a hold of some significant numbers, such as Cap Rate, Listing Price, Rental Income, and the like.

Propstream vs Flixster - Mashvisor's Heatmap Tool

Mashvisor’s Heatmap allows investors to search for real estate properties based on cash on cash return, rental income, listing price, and occupancy rate.

Property Finder

After you’ve entered the information and hopefully developed your short-term rental property, the Property Finder can help you locate a real estate property that will suit your strategy and meet your requirements and expectations.

Mashvisor will sort them out based on profitability for you.

With Mashvisor’s tools, the question of “how to invest in real estate” has never been more straightforward to answer.

Real Estate Analytics

Not all the emphasis is on investment properties; there’s something about analyzing real estate in general and making well-calculated decisions in your investments.

More specifically, Mashvisor allows you to research available rental properties in your areas of interest and try to figure out whether you should invest in them or not. You’ll be able to see that property’s tax history, owner information, and more.

Suppose you’re close to investing. In that case, you can use Mashvisor’s Rental Property Calculator to decide what type of financing is best for your strategy. And if you want to invest in a short-term rental, our Airbnb analysis can help you determine if a property has high profit potential using that strategy.

The best part is:

You don’t have to repeat the same procedure several times. All the sections are connected, meaning that every change you make regarding the info you put in will be factored in as you continue using the tool.

Flipster vs PropStream: Summing Up

We’ve covered everything regarding the two investment tools, and we’ve even added Mashvisor into the mix so that you can see how it differs from the other two.

But before we wrap it up, let’s go through the essential facts one more time:

When it comes to PopStream vs Flipster, both investment tools seem to be a fine choice for investors on the lookout for tools that would help them better navigate the market. Of course, there are instances where their features will or will not work for you.

Both offer plenty of features, including marketing tracking, rehab tools, property analysis. But the one thing that’s “concerning” here would be the price.

The standard pricing for their features is more expensive than most and goes up to $99, which only covers the basic features. Are you willing to spend that much every month?

Their features are more or less the same. In that sense, comparing PropStream vs Flipster is pretty straightforward. If you want to take your search for investment properties to the next level, you will have to pay extra.

In any case, these platforms are solid examples of investment tools currently available. Still, the benefits we’ve listed don’t mean you shouldn’t keep your options open.

What we’re trying to say here is:

Even though there are many choices in front of you—and the Internet will undoubtedly offer even more over time—you should stick to those that exude reliability and accuracy.

Mashvisor is one of those tools that offer both. If you wish to learn more about the features we’ve mentioned, stick around and explore our platform.

Sign up for our 7-day free trial and develop a solid short-term rental strategy that will enrich your investment portfolio. Team

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